In order to offer quality content to our community, in Doplim we defined some rules to publish an advertisement. Keep them in mind, theyll help you sell faster too!

The following rules must be respected when publishing an ad in Doplim:

  • All ads must have relevant photos of the item you are offering. Do not post pixelated, unclear or too small images; Do not post images from the Internet. For potential buyers it is very important to see how the actual product they want to acquire!

  • All ads must be published with a valid email address. Keep in mind that even if you publish your phone number, many buyers can send you email messages, and you will not want to lose those contacts! In addition, from Doplim we will write to the same address whenever we have to send you important communications. Do not worry, your email address will not be visible to buyers!

  • The content of the ads should be clear and should not be offensive. Watch your mouth!

  • The description of the advertisements should be clear and concise. Think as a buyer, what information would you need to know about the item in order to buy it?

  • You can include in your ad all the data and images you need to publish, try to avoid links to other sites, this way the buyer can see all the information in one place.

  • Do not duplicate your ad! Duplicate or similar ads are not allowed! If you have an active ad that you published previously and you want to republish it, first delete the oldest or republica the one you already have.

  • Publish only articles allowed by Doplim. If you have any questions, you can consult our list of products and services not allowed