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Tips for a secure transaction
Meeting with the seller / buyer

We strongly recommend that you always meet the buyer / seller in a public and safe place (like a shopping mall or a busy restaurant).

Doplim does not know the user that you are going to meet, so be careful and take advantage of the meeting to inspect in detail the product you are going to buy.


We strongly recommend that buyers meet sellers in person and only transfer money or make a payment after having inspected the product. Never transfer money in advance!

If you can not find the seller in person and the product is going to be sent, be sure to request a guide number from the courier company used and confirm that it is valid.

Doplim does not provide any type of payment service and is not responsible for transactions between buyers and sellers. ¡Be careful! You are responsible for your own actions.

¡Remember! Never make payments or transfers if you do not feel confident that the product will arrive. It is a common scam to request a prior payment and never send the product. ¡Report to these users! In Doplim we want a secure community.

If you still have questions or want to make a report, please contact us.