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¿Why does my ad was rejected?
There are several reasons why your ad may have been rejected:
  • You published a duplicate ad or similar: If youre offering something different, modify the ad using a different title, description and image to distinguish them.

  • You did not mention what you are offering in the ad title or the description does not have enough information.

  • You have published several products in the same ad: detail the product or service you are offering including the brand, model, technical specifications, state of conservation, usage time, color, size, item, profession, etc. Publish a product by notice to make it easier to find it on the site, increasing your chances of selling.

  • Inappropriate language or special characters were used (♥! ● ✺ + ★ *).

  • The ad contains search tags or links to another website.

  • The images present minors or content inappropriate to the published category.

  • The images are not related to what you sell or violate copyright.

  • You published a product or service that we do not allow on our platform or in the country where the notice was published. If you want to see the detailed list of content not allowed, click here
If after verifying the reasons for rejection and the list of content not allowed, you still do not know why your notice / ad is not active, contact us.